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Portland Radio Group

Portland Radio Group is Maine’s most prolific—and influential—radio broadcasting company. 


With eight (8) distinct brands broadcasting via 11 FM and 4 AM frequencies, plus the Tune In streaming app, our stations reach a massive audience that collectively earns more than $14 Billion in annual income.  Each of our audio brands is uniquely curated to create a listening environment that’s uncluttered, demographically disciplined and unequivocally “Mainer” in presentation.  Our formula is simple but by no means easy:

Bigger-than-life personality shows that aren’t piped in from Hollywood or Manhattan. According to Audio Pulse, 79% of marketers consider local radio on-air personalities to be credible celebrity influencers, while a 2019 study by KRG revealed 77% of listeners would try a brand recommended by their favorite on-air personality. More recently, a November 2021 study of 1,200 radio and podcast listeners revealed more than half are more trusting of radio and podcast advertisers than any other medium. The Blake Show (with Kelly & Todd) on Coast 93.1 (WMGX); Jon, Joe and Courtney on 101.9 WPOR; and The WGAN Morning News with Matt Gagnon are among the Portland market’s media stars.  They win here because they’re from here. Bring your business to life with the heartfelt authenticity of a personal endorsement by our veteran air talent.


Best of the 207 Producers

Best of the 207 is powered by Best of Programs, a product of NERUS Strategies, LLC. The NERUS Strategies LLC mission is to explore ideas that translate quickly to a profitable experience. From better ways to target and reach your market, to helping define Best Of events and special sections, to best practice pricing and marketing. NERUS Strategies LLC is a privately held corporation and is independent of the Portland Radio Group.

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